Santa For Seniors

Is a El Salvador based charity dedicated to spreading Christmas joy to all regardless of age, socio-economic class, or religion.

About Us

Who We Are

Founded by Gregory Keough, during the festive season, many charitable organizations rightly focus on bringing joy to the younger members of our community. However, we often overlook a demographic that holds a wealth of wisdom and experience – our beloved senior citizens.

Recognizing the importance of cherishing every generation during the holidays, we proudly introduce “Santa for Seniors“. We are dedicated to ensuring that our older citizens in El Salvador are not forgotten during Christmas.

Sharing The Gift Of Christmas

Our Story

Our founder Gregory Keough encountered an article in the local paper of El Salvador which featured a story about senior citizens of an underprivileged elderly home in Ahuachapán, El Salvador. The article displayed pictures of members of the home with their humble Christmas wishes.

Our Team

Meet the faces behind Santa for Seniors El Salvador

Greg Keough


Sabrina Keough


Alexia Keough


Sebastian Keough


Javier Keough


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