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Our founder Gregory Keough encountered an article in the local paper of El Salvador which featured a story about senior citizens of an underprivileged elderly home in Ahuachapán, El Salvador. The article displayed pictures of members of the home with their humble Christmas wishes.

The Keough family visited the retirement home for the needy in Ahuachapán, El Salvador. They were shocked to learn that the residents received NOTHING for Christmas as most had no family or funds and the home itself didn’t even have the resources to have a Christmas celebration.

Gregory Keough alongside his 5 Kids simply thought this wasn’t right and decided to change it by bringing Christmas back to these Seniors in need. This was when Santa for Seniors was born. They started with one retirement home in Ahuachapan and have added a second in Santa Ana, El Salvador. Next year we look to roll out Santa for Seniors on a national level across El Salvador so all seniors can live the joy of Christmas.


At Santa for Seniors, we are on a heartfelt mission to illuminate the lives of the underprivileged elderly in El Salvador during the Christmas season. As a non-profit organization committed to providing warmth during the holidays, our purpose is clear: to ensure that every senior citizen, regardless of their circumstances, experiences the joy and magic of the holiday season.

Message from our founder

“The realization that they were left to celebrate the most joyous time of the year without any form of acknowledgment was unacceptable to us. Our mission is clear: to ensure every senior citizen in El Salvador feels the joy and magic of Christmas, regardless of their circumstances.Join us in bringing holiday cheer to those who have been overlooked, ensuring they are not forgotten during this season of giving.”

Gregory Keough

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